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Skuteczny prawnik od rozwodów Warszawa

Law firm

Marcin Mikołaj Cieśliński

The Law Office of dr Marcin Mikołaj Cieśliński was established in 2001, initially providing legal services in a very wide range. Gradually, due to the changing realities on the legal services market and in the era of specialization among lawyers, the scope of the Law Firm's activities was gradually narrowing. Both our own belief in the need to concentrate on a selected field of law and market observation indicate that it has become necessary to create expert entities, which is to provide clients with the most professional assistance and not expose the client to the lawyer's learning on his case. This approach also results from the ethical rules of European lawyers, which prohibit a lawyer from taking on a case for which he is not sufficiently qualified.

Due to the above, the Law Office of dr Marcin Mikołaj Cieśliński provides the following services:

family and guardianship law

e.g. divorce, separation, division of property, settlement of cohabitation, alimony, matters between parents and children, etc.

civil law

e.g. property settlements, protection of personal rights, inheritance

criminal law

only in selected cases in which we support our clients as part of comprehensive support provided in family matters


Kancelaria Adwokacka dra Marcina Mikołaja Cieślińskiego świadczy usługi w następującym zakresie:


Prawo rodzinne i opiekuńcze

np. rozwód, separacja, podziały majątku, rozliczenia konkubinatu, alimenty, sprawy pomiędzy rodzicami a dziećmi, itp.


Prawo cywilne

np. rozliczenia majątkowe, ochrona dóbr osobistych, spadki


Prawo karne

tylko w wybranych sprawach, w których wspomagamy nasze Klientki i Klientów w ramach kompleksowego wsparcia udzielanego w sprawach rodzinnych

Family law

The leading field in which the Law Firm specializes is family law. The core of the Law Firm is: dr Marcin Mikołaj Cieśliński, attorney-at-law – owner of the Law Firm, and legal advisor Alicja Sosińska.

The law firm cooperates with many lawyers who, depending on the Clients’ needs, enable professional execution of the order (for example, when complex administrative or tax issues or in the field of commercial law arise in matters of property settlements between partners or spouses, we use the support of lawyers or tax advisors permanently with us) us cooperating.

We are a so-called boutique law firm. We have a leading specialty (family law), and our clients have direct contact with the lawyer handling the case. We do not employ people who are not bound by legal professional secrecy, which means that client matters are not handled by law students, but only by professional attorneys and legal trainees who are obliged by law to maintain professional secrecy and also have appropriate competences.

Attorney dr Marcin Cieśliński

I graduated in law from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw with very good results. Already during my studies at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw, I set myself the goal of creating my own court office. I also graduated from the School of English Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw. During my studies, I worked in a prestigious law firms (the British law firm Nabarro Nathanson), and during my legal training I worked at the "Pociej&Dubois" law firm, simultaneously publishing my first texts in the legal press. Working in law corporations taught me a lot about work organization, attitude towards Clients, courts and state institutions. However, I have always been attracted to court law, which was closely related to my research and teaching work at the Department of Civil Procedure at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw. I completed my legal training under the patronage of attorney Zofia Sierpińska-Dubois and Jolanta Wolff (criminal law practice). During the internship, I also cooperated with the law firm of Barbara Adynowska, specializing in family law.

I have been an academic lecturer since 1996. In 2010, I defended my doctoral thesis entitled “Injunction proceedings in divorce cases”. This work was published by LexisNexis (second edition of the book was published in 2014). The thesis supervisor was prof. Tadeusz Ereciński (President of the Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court) – my Master and a great authority in the legal community.

In 2001, I founded my own law firm. At the same time, I ran a business in the form of partnership with an attorney Jolanta Wolff and then with attorney Dominika Gładki.

The comprehensive legal experience I gained allowed me to specialize in family law. Importantly, I combine my professional interests with scientific research on civil proceedings in family and care matters. This is expressed by conducting research on the institution of listening to children for over 10 years at the University of Warsaw and as part of file research at the Institute of Justice. I published several articles on this subject and a Report for the Institute of Justice, which was used in the work of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland.

It should be added that in my professional career I have been conducting training for attorneys, attorney trainees and other professional groups for many years. I was adjudicating in the disciplinary court of the District Bar Council in Warsaw.

In the years 2009-2011, I was a member of the State Examination Commission appointed by the Minister of Justice.

I am the author of numerous publications in the field of civil procedure law and co-author of a commentary on the Code of Civil Procedure.

As an expert in civil procedure law and family law, I was invited to judge training courses organized by the Iustitia – Judges’s Association. I am invited to television and radio programs as an expert.

In my practice, I have also represented Clients before foreign courts. I represented the party before a Swiss court. I obtained a license to act as a lawyer in a Hungarian court and were acting before Hungarian court. I appeared before London court as a specialist in the field of Polish family law.

I am a mediator (Polish Bar Council). I believe in the principle that Clients should be accompanied during mediation by lawyers. Mediation proceedings require legal support, and knowledge of mediation is currently very useful in providing assistance in family matters.

I speak English fluently. I also speak Spanish, Portuguese and German.

Znany adwokat od rozwodu Warszawa

Legal Advisor Alicja Sosińska

I am a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw. I graduated in 2015 with distinction. I also received the chancellor's scholarship for students with the highest academic results. During my studies, I was a volunteer of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights. I gained professional experience in law firms specializing in civil law and commercial law.

I completed legal counsel training at the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Warsaw, then I passed the legal counsel exam with a positive result. I was entered on the list of legal advisors of the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Warsaw.

I obtained a mediator’s certificate at the Mediation Center at the Supreme Bar Council in Warsaw, and I am a member of the Family Law Section of the District Bar Council in Warsaw.

I obtained a mediator’s certificate at the Mediation Center at the Supreme Bar Council in Warsaw, and I am a member of the Family Law Section of the District Bar Council in Warsaw.

I assume that if cooperation with a lawyer is to be satisfactory, narrow specialization is necessary. For this reason, in my daily professional practice, I focus on matters relating to family law (alimony, parental authority, division of property), civil law (infringement of personal rights, compensation for harm suffered) and inheritance law (acquisition of inheritance, compulsory share, division of inheritance), representing clients in court and before other state authorities.

Taking into account the specificity of a given case, I look for solutions that will optimally protect the interests of clients. As a lawyer, I am aware that legal disputes, with particular emphasis on family law matters, require from the attorney not only professional substantive support, but also commitment, sensitivity and empathy.

I speak English.